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Refillable Full Grain Leather Journal, Rustic Writing Diary, Watercolor Sketchbook, Premium Leather Bound, Customizable Personalized Gift

Refillable Full Grain Leather Journal, Rustic Writing Diary, Watercolor Sketchbook, Premium Leather Bound, Customizable Personalized Gift

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This journal is fully customizable, and is MADE TO ORDER. You design your journal with the drop-down menus above, and may also add further customizations if desired from the "More Customizations" section. This journal is made JUST FOR YOU.

Each journal is hand-picked, hand-cut, and every page is hand-folded and sewn together.

-Quality leather: durable, full-grain, USA tanned leather.
-Acid-Free Paper: Thick, high quality, and acid-free paper, so your memories and artwork stand the test of time.
-Waxed linen thread: High-quality, thick, waxed linen thread that will keep your journal securely bound for a lifetime.

✔️100% USA-MADE
All of our leather is USA tanned leather. And all of our journals are made in Idaho, USA.

This handcrafted leather journal features a curved fold-over flap with a wrap-around leather strap and a brass rivet. The outcome is functionality with a beautiful, vintage feel. All of my books and journals are made to last a lifetime (at least!) And the leather only gets better with time.

REFILLABLE - Refillable journals feature 4 durable elastic cords along the spine, that hold 4 paper booklets in place. Paper booklets can be removed easily and replaced with new booklets. Refillable journals can be re-used for years and years. Paper refill booklets are also sold here in the shop under the REFILLS section.
Sewn bound journals are also available in both the Ready-To-Ship and Customizable sections.

•We use an old-fashioned style of personalizing your leather, called Embossing. Heat is pressed into your journal cover, leaving a gorgeous and rustic looking imprint that is permanent.

•See examples of embossing throughout the listing photos on any listing.

•If you select the option of personalized embossing from the drop-down menu, that will include up to 15 characters of embossing. Please enter your personalization in the Personalization Box.

•If you would like additional characters, you may add the listing entitled "Additional Embossing" to your order; located in the MORE CUSTOMIZATIONS section.

•Alpha-numeric font is all caps, Times Roman.
Special characters available include: . ' , # @ ? ! " $ % & * : > < ; / \ •Names, initials, etc, typically go in the lower right corner by default, unless your specific journal design and personalization length warrant a different location. If you have a specific location you would like your embossing to go, you must message me or indicate the desired location in the order notes. If specific instructions are not left by you, formatting and location discretion will be left up to myself, and determined by what is most appropriate given your specific journal design and personalization. ================== SIZES AVAILABLE: ================== Sizes are all in inches. 4x6 5x7 6x9 8x10 9x12 ================== PAPER AVAILABLE: ================== You can choose to fill your handcrafted journal with various types of paper. MIXED MEDIA BLANK / SKETCH: Thick, 80lb, high-quality, acid-free, medium tooth, blank mixed media paper: suitable for ink writing, drawing, pastels, charcoal, paints, and even very light watercolor. Holds ink well and is bleed-proof. [Referred to as "MM BLANK" in the drop down menu] (Comes with 128 pages front and back) SUPER SMOOTH BLANK: Very smooth, zero tooth, acid-free paper that is best for felt tip brush pens. Saves your felt tips from damage and allows for very fine and precise lines. Great for calligraphy. Also suitable for ink writing without bleeding through. [Referred to as "SS BLANK" in the drop down menu] (Comes with 160 pages front and back) LINED: Using our thick, 80lb, high-quality, Mixed Media paper, but with lines. This paper is great at holding a lot of ink and is bleed-proof to the other side.  (Comes with 128 pages front and back) BULLET: Using our thick, 80lb, high-quality, Mixed Media paper, but with dot grid: suitable for those using the Bullet journal method journaling. This paper is great at holding a lot of ink and is bleed-proof to the other side. (Comes with 128 pages front and back) WATERCOLOR: Super thick, cold-press, high quality, 140lb, acid-free paper made especially to hold watercolors. (Comes with 64 pages front and back) ========================================= WANT MORE PAGES / THICKER JOURNAL? ========================================= Check out the MORE CUSTOMIZATIONS Section of my shop, where you will find the listing "Additional Pages." The maximum amount of rows of elastic cords recommended to preserve the structural integrity of Refillable Journals is 6 cords; or 192 pages total. This is because Refillable Journals are not like Sewn Bound journals, in that the pages are not sewn tightly to the spine like Sewn Bound journals. Refills Booklets have a slight amount of wiggle room. However, if you'd like extra Refill Booklets to replace the current ones, you can order those in the REFILLS section. ========== LEATHER: ========== Our leathers are USA tanned, premium hides chosen for their rustic yet beautiful character. Please see the last photo in each listing to see an example of a journal in each leather; and also in the listings photos throughout the whole shop. After working with hundreds of various hides and types of leathers, these are the leathers that we weren't able to say goodbye to. Due to the nature of the authentic leather hides, there will always be variation and uniqueness from one journal to the next. Each hide will have some degree of "pull-up," which refers to color variation where the leather is creased or bent; which gives a very rustic or distressed look. Pull-up creases go away with time or with rubbing the leather by hand. Following are descriptions of our leather varieties: RUSSET - A golden medium brown leather with some color variation between lighter browns, golden, and sometimes reddish tones. Beautiful light golden tan pull-up when leather is creased. BISON - A medium-dark brown with gorgeous tan pull-up marks where the leather is creased. MAHOGANY - A semi-glossy solid burgundy-brown leather, without very much color variation or pull-up. Some might consider this our least rustic or distressed looking leather, yet it does still have some color variation and a slight rustic look. DRIFTWOOD - This leather has a ton of color variation between lighter tan to medium brown to darker brown areas, all along the spectrum of sandy and woodsy brown color tones. Some hides will be more covered in the darker brown, but color range and variation is similar. These hides have a very pronounced pull-up effect: you will notice very pronounced color variation in areas that are creased. ====== NOTE: ====== Elastic binding cord color is chosen based on what will accentuate the color of your leather, but if you prefer light or dark, please message me. ================================================= FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders $35 and up! ================================================= =============================================================== To see all of my books, journals, and refills, browse my shop here: --------------->

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