Our Story

Bookbinding and leathercrafting in retrospect was completely an organic merging of craft forms that came to fruition in my life. I have loved all things books my entire life. I have collected vintage books for years and just revel in their smell, look, and aura they present to me. I love that books are such a relic, a priceless piece that can last generations in a family. 

I also found myself over the years binding and formatting all types of books for my childrens' schooling whether it was nature journals, daily journals, planners, and the list goes on.

Somehow I felt the urge to intersect these two interests of book-making and my love for the nostalgic, old-world feel of old books. That's where leather and thread found it's way into the equation. I started learning historical book binding techniques and was instantly enamored. How else to make books last a lifetime and carry their stories than to be bound in leather meant to last lifetimes, archival paper meant to withstand time, and thick waxed linen thread to hold strong for ages!

To me, journals can be the most therapeutic types of books and that's why I gravitate toward binding all types of journals. I have found all types of journaling to be very beneficial in my own life, and that is actually the third merging of passions that finds it way into my shop. I love that I can use my workshop, time, and quality materials to make beautiful journals that give people the nudge they needed to start the practice of journaling and the self-discovery it can bring.

Thanks for visiting my shop, take a look around, and I hope you enjoy the heirloom quality products you'll find.


Lanae, Owner

Hank Belle Journal Co.

Located in Hayden, Idaho